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HOOOOOO boy, here we go!

So yeah. I took this ball and ran with it, right out of the ballfield and off on tangents and haven't posted anything since, but I have been reading. A lot. And people have been giving me their thoughts and suggestions. Prepare for a minor avalanche of links. And if you have something to post as well, by all means, go ahead and post it here!!! And judiciously link to this group so we can feed the brain more.

Much as I suspected, this tract parody idea has already been done as is evidenced by a quick Google search. That doesn't mean doing our own would necessarily be redundant or ineffective! In fact I think there has been no better time to do such a project than now. For real. We just have to be wary of legal issues.

I'm linking to a parody tract that, while accurate in terms of offensiveness and style, is not what we're going for. Wrong target audience. This thing isn't likely to change anyone's mind. But wow, the art and adherance to Chick formula are spot on: (click the Archive link and then "The Holy and the Homo")

So that was some slightly off inspiration. For an attitude more in line with what I'm talking about, the following site is great. (Remember the Brick Testament - Bible stories done in Legos?)

Poppy Dixon's Adult Christianity

and the reason my search found them:
CHIC tracts which are not fleshed out tracts so much as a page of promotional flyer type slogany stuff.

So I'm thinking if we could come up with a combo of that first link for style and the second for attitude, with an extra dash of earnestness and empathy for the duped, it would be phenomenal.

I've changed my mind about the theme of the first tract, and thinking it would be smarter to go for "Morality" as an umbrella theme (since "morals" were the most important issue polled among Bush voters.... *cough*) and then go on from there. Thoughts? Definitely want to throw in the not bearing false witness against thy neighbor commandment re: Bush's administration.

Thanks again, in advance, for helping get this going!
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