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Welcome and many thanks to themowingdevil for the tract idea!

Still just setting up house here, but we will need a LOT of help and ideas to get this going. I hope to hear from those with cartooning interest/experience as well as those familiar with Bible scriptures. I should mention that you need not actually be a Christian, but obviously, having background knowledge helps. I hope some advisors will come on board.

The plan: Using these as a starting point, to create and covertly distribute cute little comic books (tracts) to heavily propagandized areas in the United States, speading ideas of tolerance and respect rather than fear and hatred.

The goals: to show that Christianity and morality are NOT the sole domain of right wing fundamentalists and and to work toward uniting this deeply divided and deluded country... maybe even get Bush and his cronies out of the White House in the process, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

The tracts after which these will be modeled are infamous for their hyperdramatic personal stories of salvation/damnation peppered with relevant quotes from the Bible. Given the recent passage in 11 states banning gay marriage, I think an excellent topic to launch this series would be Cheney's gay daughter.

Here's a VERY rough basic storyboard:

illustrations of Edwards and Kerry repeatedly mentioning that Cheney's daughter is gay...
Cheney thought bubble: "WHY do they keep going on about that? I KNOW she's gay!" (tortured expression)
"But.... but... but I LOVE her! I DO love my daughter!" (weeping in acceptance and love)
ending quote from the Bible
general message to be included in the back of all "Back On Tract" tracts

Ideas? Help? Feedback? Cookies and Chocolate?
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